Ecobee 4 vs Ecobee 5 Smart Thermostat Comparison

Ecobee 4 vs Ecobee 5

The question often arises: “What is the difference between Ecobee4 and Ecobee 5?” Ecobee 4 and Ecobee5 are two smart thermostats from the same company. Both models have been released in 2016. Both devices offer remote access to other people through their smartphone app. Smart Thermostat Control allows users to set temperature control while away … Read more

Top 10 Best Cold Weather Extension Cord In 2021

best Cold Weather Extension Cord

Winter is beautiful weather but, in some places, it became the worst weather of all time. The cold weather becomes almost useless when it comes to extension cords. Most of the time, in extremely low weather temperature, most of the extension cords lost their flexibility. An extension cord is a long cable that comes with … Read more

Top 10 Best Surge Protector For Treadmill In 2021

Best Surge Protector For Treadmill

This is the age of technological advancements and every home is now a smart home with smart appliances. However, Technology needs electricity and electricity can cause a lot of disasters. Electricity can cause a lot of hazards like fires, shock, burns, and even an explosion. Faulty wires and electrical surges can burn one’s House Down. … Read more

10 Best Surge Protector For Washing Machine

best surge protector for washing machine

A best surge protector is a device that protects electrical devices from voltage disturbances. It uses alternating current circuits for the protection of electrical devices. There are a lot of cases in which a voltage spike can cause a huge fire in the house. Not only this but a voltage spike can also destroy or … Read more